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History of uncyclopedia.org

In the beginning, there was just one humor wiki, hosted at www.uncyclopedia.org.  Uncyclopedia was established in 2005 by a writer known as "Chronarion". However, in a year or two, the editors of uncyclopedia.org decided to move their wiki to Wikia, a wiki farm who would later rebrand as Fandom. Wikia would later redirect uncyclopedia.org to uncyclopedia.wikia.com. 


In 2013, an IRC, a discussion was held about moving away from Wikia. Wikia had censored certain sexual content, and put up a content warning on the site. The decision was made on IRC chat to change their wiki host. Forum discussions about the decision followed. A few editors decided to stay at uncyclopedia.wikia.com, but many left for en.uncyclopedia.co.  


In 2019, Fandom decided it would no longer host the wiki that was located at uncyclopedia.wikia.com. A vote was held to move to a sub-site on en.uncyclopedia.co. However, a discussion was held via the admin email list, and the majority of editors of uncyclopedia.ca changed their minds and the site was moved to a website hosted and maintained by an admin of uncyclopedia.ca rather than being hosted by en.uncyclopedia.co. 

Maintaining quality

Since anyone (excepting if they have been blocked or banned from the sites) can edit these wikis, sometimes articles of low quality or insensitive or triggering content may appear on the wikis. You can bring these articles to the attention of the admins if you find them by either listing them on Quick Votes For Deletion or Votes For Deletion. (Type QVFD or VFD into the search bar on the wiki.) If you see one editor making particularly offensive articles, especially in a short period of time, cyberbullying or doxing anyone, or spamming the wiki with adverts,  please contact an admin as soon as possible. We also have a Ban Patrol where offenders can be listed. The admins will review the contributions of editors listed on Ban Patrol and make the determination.

Features every week

Every week, a new featured article is updated on the Main Page of the wikis. If you do not see a featured article on the Main Page, the featured article is in voting. The voting page for each site is located by typing VFH (Votes for Highlight) into the search bar at the top of the wiki.

No ads, ever!

We rely entirely on donations to keep the sites going. Please donate on the site of your choice. We will never have any video ads, banner ads, or SEO spambots on our site posting links to their store,  if we have any choice in the matter.  In fact, spammers may be made fun of, particularly if they create new articles and give us ideas to satirize their product or service. So don't spam the sites.